IKEA Overload


Our lastest venture was our most recent trip to Ikea. It definitely wasn’t the relaxing, grab a few things type of weekend that I thought it would be. I knew that we needed a Uhaul, but what I didn’t realize was that we would need a 26-ft long one. I originally thought that it was a little overkill, but after 12 hours inside of an IKEA, it’s pretty easy to fill one up.


Before arriving in Frisco, TX, Tyler and I had made all the preparations for the trip:

-money – check (after many hours of back and forth with the bank)

-driving arrangements – check

kitchen design – check

-hotel booked – thought so, but no, no check

-list of items to buy – check for the first night, but not the second

Our plan was to arrive in Frisco Saturday afternoon, with a couple of stops in OKC to pick up Sheilah, Tyler’s mom,  and to shop at a nearby retro shop. Then, we planned to  leisurely make it into Dallas to shop at a few more vintage shops, and then finalize a few decisions at Ikea before heading to bed at a reasonanble hour. The only thing that actually happened, was picking Sheilah up and shopping at one vintage shop in OKC. Well long story short, the reason our plans were altered was because, between Saturday and Sunday, we were inside of Ikea for a total of 12 hours. Needless to say, we never made it into Dallas, and that most of our preparations did not work out.

Even though the weekend was a little stressful we did accomplish a lot. We bought our entire kitchen, appliances and all, our master bedroom closet stuff, a couch, our patio furniture, some storage items, some accesories and more..

Here are some pictures of the trip

Breakfast before the rude awakening of how many boxes we were going to have to load that day..


Everything you see here, was our first load.. Our Kitchen..


The kitchen minus the appliances loaded up.


Round two: This is only some of the second load, a couple carts had already been loaded.


Everything loaded. We were definitely thankful Kent and Sheilah came along..


So now that everything is unloaded at the house, 12 hours of Ikea, equals a whole lot of hours of installation…

And other news:

 -The sheetrock is almost complete, after many hours of Tyler, my dad, my uncle Chile, Matt, Kent and others hanging it. We have hired someone to do the finishing touches on it and they should be done this week.

-Our cork floor arrived from Canada today for our bottom two containers


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