About Us

We listen to Sinatra. We collect vintage stereo equipment. We drive a 1971 Volkswagen bus

Yeah, we know that we look like we should have met at Woodstock, but we’re really just a couple of 22-year-old (well now closer to 25) newlyweds anxious to build a life together that is good for us and  the natural world around us. Oh, and we love discovering new ways to use old things, which is an important part of our construction strategy since our “building fund” is what we are calling “a work in progress.” We think we have the willpower, work ethic and creative/physical muscle to design and build a 2,500-square-foot house out of five shipping containers. It’s going to take a village of talented family and friends to get this project – and each 4 ton container into its place on 5-acres of family land on the Bright Morning Farm in Sand Springs, Oklahoma. Since the Bright Container House will be the first one constructed in Tulsa County, we decided to document our adventure through our blog, Thinking Inside the Box. It’s an unconventional way to build a dream house,
but for us, it seems like a perfect fit.
Tyler and Hannah Bright

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Tyler and Hannah, I read your ‘About Us’ a few years ago, a few years later you sure have proved you have the willpower etc to build your dream shipping container house – Well done!


  2. Stefanie Dowdy says:

    Hello! I just discovered your home, and am very interested. My hubby and I are moving to Kellyville and planning to build a home similar to yours.
    Can you contact me via email? I’d like to see your plans if possible. And ask tons of other questions 😀


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