Mini Update!

A lot has happened on the Bright Container House, but they are mostly “in progress”, so for now I am going to post a mini update about our front door and our upstairs storage room door.

I believe the most stressful thing so far has been, picking the front door paint color. I know it sounds a little menial, but it has seriously given me ulcers (ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but not that much really.)

As you can see from this picture, there have been a few options, mostly unsatifactory ones though. There were maybe 3-4 more not shown in this image. After a lot of imagination we came to a decision. This decision, ended up being the wrong one, but more on that later.


The first step was to fill in the nail holes with painter’s putty.


Here is Tyler doing just that…


The next step was to sand the door


and then sand some more…


Whoops, forgot a photo.. but the next step was to tape off the edges that did not need to be painted. Because the interior part of the door along with one of the edges will be stained later.

We then started painting, I rolled and Tyler painted the trim pieces with a brush.



So fast forward a few days, and repeat these same steps with different paint (since the first paint was a bust) and you get to this..


We then added some hardware, and I think its gunna work.


A few additional steps to complete our front entry is to finish the stone work on the sides, add the final cement board trim piece beside the door, paint the trim around the door, tile the “porch”, purchase a door bell and then add the decorative lighting and plants.

Here is the doorbell we have picked out..


And for the lighting we are going to alter a pre-existing globe light we have to become more suitable for outdoor use.

And it will look something like this..

And then to add a little flair to the porch, I will add our bullet planter, one just like this actually…
image from
Less intestesting, but progress none the less…
Our upstairs storage room door was painted. Steps will be added, and we may decide to add a window later to make it more visually appealing.


And since I didn’t realize I never posted a picture with the finished cement board siding… Here it is:

 now just a little more stone work, trim around the deck, and deck railing, our exterior will be complete.



6 thoughts on “Mini Update!

  1. Leah B says:

    My husband and I have been exploring alternative housing options for years. Container homes, log cabins, garden sheds, converted garages, tiny houses, etc. I stumbled upon your article in the This Land journal. Currently we live in southeastern OK, and at one time lived in Tulsa. How strange! Our concern was the ability to insure an alternative home, and also, to receive an appraisal if there are none around to compare to. Have you run into these issues?

    Thanks in advance for your help! Nice to see others in OK living outside the box!!!


    • Hannah Bright says:

      Insurance has not been a problem, and is actually lower than other typical homes. Getting an appraisal may be an issue tho. We have not had ours appraised yet, but we have been told that it may not appraise very well here in Oklahoma. So getting a loan may be difficult, but I am not sure.
      Thanks for the comment!


    • Hannah Bright says:

      Hi, Thanks for checking us out! The wood siding is actually cement board, and the stone is a cultured stone. We purchased it from a local store called Fullerton Finishing System.


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