The Beginnings of our Master Suite

Hannah Bright reporting:

The first cuts were made in the container a couple of weeks ago, and our master suite is officially under construction.

Three windows and one door were cut out, as well as a large opening where our master suite will be extended.  The cuts were made using a plasma cutter. Here are Tyler and Kent showing off our first window:

Here is the large opening in our master bedroom. We will  build metal stud walls to enlarge the space. The other opening is for our bathroom door:

Here are the rough cuts for our bathroom and bedroom windows:

Once the cuts were finished, Tyler and I used a grinder to smooth and buff the openings. For the first time in my life, I used a power tool. Yeah, check out these photos:

Here’s Tyler doing his daily grind:

The next step after using the grinder was to power wash the interior walls and ceiling, using an industrial strength soap called Dynamite. This was one tough cleaner so it required another wardrobe change.  Here I am with my rubber shoes, dust mask, goggles, face shield, rubber gloves and a “hazmat” suit, as I like to call it. (I decided after that experience, I’ll let Tyler take the next one.)

The next steps to complete our first container are:

  • Cut holes in the ceiling for the HVAC system
  • Cut out the bathroom floor to run plumbing and to lay tile
  • Frame in the doors and windows
  • Build the non-load bearing walls for the closet, shower and where the original doors were removed

9 thoughts on “The Beginnings of our Master Suite

  1. Kathy McGuire says:

    Looks like you were having too much fun with the power tools! Glad you held on to yours:)
    You two are going to appreciate your new home so much! Let us know if & when you want some help!


  2. Pete Sottnik says:

    Wow, you guys are moving along nicely. I’d like to come visit you one of these weekends if you don’t mind. Let me know if that is possible. Keep us the good work. Pete.


    • tylerbright says:

      We would love for you to come out. Right now there isn’t much on the ground, besides the slab, but you are welcome anytime. Just email Tyler, or we can message you our number so you can contact us when you want to come out.


  3. Kerry Woolard says:

    Hey guys a really exciting plan. My wife and I live off 209th w ave in Sand Springs to. i look forward to watching your progress in the future. I have thought of doing the same thing for awhile. My wife and I are into being as green as possible so this is a great concept. I have seen several site that show container built homes so it will be fun to see you’s when it’s done. Good luck and watch out for more fires . Kerry


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