Dangers on the Job: Not for the Faint of Heart

Hannah Bright reporting:

While working with power tools, there is always an element of danger. So far both Kent and Tyler have experienced that. Let’s just hope that I’m not next. Tyler’s run-in with a grinder wins the worst-looking award.  It happened while he was grinding the openings, using a nine-inch grinder to smooth things over. The grinder hit a sharp spot, broke the buffing pad and kicked back and hit him in the face. The scene in the shop where it happened looked like a small animal was murdered there. The doctors said it was a false burn that took off a whole layer of skin. With some TLC, the doctors said it will not scar, but may be discolored until fall. Thanks, Dr. Paulsen and nurse Glenda Bullock for checking it out. Let’s hope this is the last microdermabrasion incident of the project.

Like son, like father. Kent’s grinding war wound actually had happened a few days before. He was wielding a 4-inch grinder with a cutting wheel attached. When Kent turned on the grinder, it kicked and twisted in his hand, cutting his finger Luckily, he was wearing gloves. But this cut didn’t stop Kent, even though it most likely needed stitches. He  just taped it up and kept on working.

Lesson learned: I’m not touching a grinder.


One thought on “Dangers on the Job: Not for the Faint of Heart

  1. Brandon says:

    I’m thinking its time to invest in some new personal protective equipment and kevlar gloves and plexi face shields would be on my list.


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