Progress Update!

This post may seem like a repeat, and it should since the bottom story steps are practically the same. So feel free to skip the explanations and just check out the pictures if you have been following along. (Don’t forget to click on the flickr link to the right to see  all of our pictures!)


-Metal studs were used to frame out the upstairs, we chose metal studs since they are made from recycled materials, recyclable, and weather, fire and termite proof.

-The outdoor electrical receptacles were roughed in

-Open cell spray foam, with a R-40 insulation value was applied to the top story

-Wafer board and house wrap were also installed

-The flue for the fireplace was ran on the outside of the house inside of a chase wall

-Stained cement board lap siding is currently be installed, we chose this material for its durability and design qualities

Here is a picture of some of the metal studs and the electrical:


Spray foam application:




Wafer board and house wrap:


Cement board siding:




The chase and flue:Untitled

Other progress updates include:

Our door windows were installed, now its just waiting for paint, which I’m thinking a nice retro green color.


Matt and Tyler tested the flue’s ability to draw smoke out with success! 


After a few more full days of siding, the inside progress should finally begin! Now I may get a chance to actually help out…


4 thoughts on “Progress Update!

    • Hannah Bright says:

      Thank you! and my husband actually designed the house. We just had an architect to help approve of his blueprints. It has taken us 2 years, and we are still working on it. But we did not hire a contractor or labor, so it could have gone a lot quicker.


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