I know right… Finally.

I can’t believe it’s been almost two months since our last house update!

That doesn’t mean work hasn’t been done, just that the progress had slowed down while waiting for our beams and decking to arrive. Since our last update we have made strides in our cabinet project, our entrance and on our house. UPDATE: Our kitchen cabinet project has now become our mudroom/laundry room cabinet project. We decided due to the smaller size of the vintage cabinetry, to go with new taller cabinets in the kitchen to fit in with the scale of our tall ceilings. The vintage metal cabinets will still be a mint/pistachio green color, and I am still so excited to have them finished and installed. (I think I’ll have to live in our mudroom to make all the time and hard work we spent on them worth it.)

 Here’s a sneak peak of the cabinet project: (post coming soon)



and another sneak peak of our entrance: (post coming soon)



 Here’s a run down of the recent house progress:

After the containers were set, which we showed on our last post here: Container Movement, they were anchor bolted to the slab. The bolts were epoxied in place and angle clips were welded to the containers. Support columns were cut, welded and then bolted into place.

as seen here:(These columns will be housed in the drywall.)

These columns were put in place to help carry the load of the flange beams that were placed perpendicular across the top of the bottom two containers. The beams are 16×28 wide and were used to support the second floor slab and the top three containers. After the beams were placed on top of the containers, lots of welding took place, and thanks to Kent, Tyler, Grandpa Charley and family friend, Larry Yates, we were never short of help with the welding. Here are some pictures of the beams and the process:





working late into the night:




and never forget to sign your work…


After the beams were placed, the next step was to install the metal decking, which will act as our first floor ceiling, as well as support for the upstairs concrete. And since our major contributor (Kent) was out due to shoulder surgery, we hired out help for the decking. The night before the decking guys were to arrive, Kent and Tyler realized they needed to engineer some kind of support for the staircase. We hadn’t even decided what type of stairs we wanted to do. They came up with a plan and got to work Saturday morning around 5:30 am cutting and welding support beams before the decking guys arrived (Kent’s physical therapy for the day, although I don’t know if the Dr. would have approved).

It was a long day, but the decking is up, and almost complete, just some welding needs to be done, and the stair case opening needs to be cut. Our house, finally is looking like a house.

Here are some pictures of the decking/ceiling installation and completion:



Showing the ceiling height in our dining/kitchen/living room areas:


More updates on their way!


6 thoughts on “I know right… Finally.

  1. Judy says:

    I can just imagine how you’ll feel when your home is all finished and you can finally kick back, look out the windows and see that beautiful setting God has created!! Can I come visit someday?


  2. Jess says:

    Hannah! I just think what u and Tyler are doing is awesome! The house looks great! I tell everyone about your house :0) loving the pics!


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