Update Coming Soon!

I know it seems like its been forever since our last post, but don’t you worry, work has not ceased…

Since our blog has been a little boring these last couple of months, and it will still be a few days before I get a full post up,  I will do a mini update. This one will be all about our DIY (well how bout.. design it yourself”) mailbox.

We purchased a plain white locking mailbox, one just like this:

We chose it: 1.) because we wanted a locking mailbox  2.) we wanted one with more of a “modern” look than a regular ol’ box and 3.) we chose a white one because I wanted to paint the outer casing a funky color to give our entrance some visual appeal.

Instead of painting it we decided to go ahead and wrap the outside with vinyl, so we took it to our local sign guys, at Sign It! and picked out a color for our mailbox wrap, and a font for our numbers. And here is how it turned out… (I think its pretty nifty)

We have been working on our entrance, possibly laying sod tomorrow, so hopefully there will be a blog update for our finished entrance as well! Keep checking back, I think the blog will be back in full swing soon with lots of updates and progress! Thanks for following!


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