In The Meantime

The Sand Springs Leader wrote a great article about our container house last Thursday. If you missed it, here is the link!

Also, a post about our recent progress is in the works, but due to slighlty colder and rainy weather, most of the work took place inside the shop, which means no pictures to go along with the post. Our newest container was also in a little rougher shape than our first, so some extra steps had to be taken to finish it out. That updated post should be up this week, which will include, cut outs and walls inside our second container, and hopefully news as to when we will be placing them on the slab!! So keep checking back.

In the mean time…

Since I haven’t posted any pictures of the property yet on our blog, I thought I would do so now.

Bright Container House

Bright Container House

Bright Container House

Bright Container House



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