Hannah Bright reporting:

I decided to do one post about our recent progress. Lots of small, but important steps have been made.

1. We needed a trailer that was long and strong enough to move our containers into the shop to be worked on. So Tyler and his dad Kent modified an agricultural wagon. They removed the wooden top and extended it to 30ft long. The wheels that were on it were too large and made the container and trailer too tall to fit it into the shop, so they went digging in the dumpster at a forklift repair shop and found some heavy forklift wheels for no cost. They then made their own hubs and welded them into the wheels.

The wheels before:

The new wheels:

2. While adding a snatch block, a pole on the gin pole truck bent and needed to be fixed. So by the gracious efforts of our Grandpa Charley and Uncle Mark, the pole was fixed. They even came and fixed it while we were at work.

3. The water tap was put in place, now only about 1,500 ft of water line needs to be ran so we can officially have water at the building site.

4. Our driveway was laid, and the automatic gate at the road has been started.

5. We purchased a 20ft container that will connect to our carport and act as a mini workspace for Tyler.

6. Asphalt millings were laid for our carport.

7. The building pad was laid and cut for our electrical and plumbing.

8. The electric company came out and measured for the new poles to be put in place, and a work order has been applied for.

9. The aerobic septic system was installed.


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