Oh Hello There.

Well, we still don’t have internet at the house yet.. so I am sneaking this post in real quick at work. Shh..

It is just going to be a short one, sorry no house tour just yet. I just wanted to write a quick post, mainly to show off our adorable new farm dog, named, Kitty.

Kitty is a Anatolian/Pyrenees mix and she is going to be our goat and chicken protector. Well.. that’s our intent. She’s pretty darn cute, so it may be hard for us to make her work instead of being an extra large lap dog.

Here she is bonding with Gertrude..


Oh and here’s another adorable photo just because..


We are currently working on our goat pen, so hopefully we will have some goats close to the house soon enough..

Oh, and one more thing. We made another, uh.. yea another, trip to Ikea, but this time we put the squareback to work..



Fingers crossed we get internet this week.. and then Ill start posting some house tour photos!