How Suite It Is.

This may be the longest house tour I have ever given. Hope you’re not tired of us yet, we still have a lot to show you.

Side note before I begin: I am probably the world’s worst blogger, but hey I am now almost 38 weeks pregnant, who up until recently had a pretty long list of things to accomplish before baby, and the good news is, its not finished. But it is almost.. so hey, I call that progress.

Now back to the tour.

Right off the dining room is our master suite. Our bedroom/closet/bathroom take up one length of a 40ft container.


Our master is on the smaller size, but that’s the way we wanted it. It functions and contains everything we need it to.

Here is what you see when you enter off the dining room.

_DSC5922 _DSC5920

Now, If you look to the left with me, you will see a tv mounted on the wall and a display cabinet, which we use to hide all our tv components, dvds, games, etc, and display some pretties. This cabinet displays a lot of things we picked up on our recent 4,500 mile road trip to and from California, and some items from my mother in law, which are from Cuba.


Now looking the other direction towards our closet _DSC5924

If you can’t tell by now, I like to decorate using lots of vintage pieces, like this $40 estate sale dresser find, and the garage sale globe and planter. Cheap is good.


Here is another example of how I try to decorate on a budget. Those are calendar prints I just framed, and that awesome Herman Miller chair, Oh I found that in an abandoned trailer. So free is good as well.


So there you have it, our master bedroom.

I was going to show you the closet and bathroom, but they are a little messy, and I don’t feel like cleaning today :). So we will save that for next time.

House Tour update:

We already did some minor updates around the house, I know crazy, We have only been living in our home for a year, but I can’t ever make my mind up. So here are some of those quick updates.

In our kitchen we changed out the pendant lights, to these slightly more sophisticated ones

Here is a before picture for reference:

We also upgraded our sink faucet, only due to the fact that our first one already broke, but thank goodness for warranties!


In our living room we completed the TV pull out mount, check this sucker out.

But first, Here is the hole for the TV I showed you last time:
_DSC5436Here is what it looks like now when the TV is put away

_DSC5974 And here it is out

And you might have noticed, I did a little mantle decorating as well.

I also did some other minor re-decorating, remember our little nook under the stair landing that looked like this?
Ya well, I wasn’t satisfied with how that looked, so I pulled out some extra platters and serving dishes that I had and made me a little succulent party. I think it looks much better and brings a little more color to the dark space. Also, we painted the underside of the landing.


On a larger scale..

We have completed the vintage steel cabinets in the laundry room! I couldn’t quite capture them in photos today, but I will bring you the completed look soon!

And, just because I love the nursery so much, here is a little peak at Charley’s nursery.


So there you have it. Next time I see you I will be holding our new baby girl. Unless I just get antsy and want to add another post before. We shall see.