We Like to Move it Move it.

Welp, we did it.. we moved in, and just in time for Christmas!

This post is coming a bit late, but updating the blog has been difficult, we have no internet at our new home yet, and I have been so busy decorating and putting things away I sort of forgot all about the blog. Whoops.

My plan is to take pictures of every room and do a sort of house tour, as per request, as well as a final list of to-dos. For now I’ll just share a few shots I snapped, while unpacking, of the new place. Hope you like it.





Check back for the complete house tour, but also some more diy projects we have completed. Thanks for following! Also, follow me on instagram for more photos of our house and its progress @hannahbright


4 thoughts on “We Like to Move it Move it.

  1. Dayan Inclan says:

    Your hose is looking wonderful!
    How are you finding the insolation on these past few chilly days?
    It looks like some of your walls are not sheeted. Does that let much of the cold transfer in?
    We are excited to start our own container home and look forward to seeing how living in your new home goes.


  2. Terry says:

    Congratulations on moving in!! Looking forward to the house tour pix!

    I’ve set up a blog to use once my building gets started:


    There is only a little bit on it so far – house plans, some land photos etc. I am now waiting for council to approve my plans so I can get started.

    There is another container build I have been following, not sure if I have mentioned it to you – a couple in Sierra Nevada (another Hannah) you might be interested in:


    Also I’ve just discovered this massive 31 container house on my side of the world:


    And the Australian National University recently completed a multi-block student residence made entirely from containers:


    Enjoy the fruits of your labour.



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