Look at Those Studs

Look at those studs, and no, I am not talking about Tyler and Matt, (sorry Tyler).

Check ’em out (but excuse the mess… it’s a construction site)




The master bedroom extension:


The back wall with the fireplace and windows (can you picture the rendering yet?)


Screen Shot 2012-07-14 at 8.26.56 PM

Our electrical panel was installed, and electric was ran to the exterior walls to prepare the house for insulation and wafer board.


Here is Kent and Tyler’s homemade electrical wire reel… A “Bright” idea.



(I just had to have outlets on both sides of the front door for Christmas decorations … I know, I’m difficult)


To protect the house from moisture under the containers before it is completley dried in, Tyler sealed the bottoms with spray foam. (Like 22 cans of it)



And some other exciting news: We got our final three containers, some of our windows arrived, and the insulation was sprayed yesterday!


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