Design Decisions..

Since our house is starting to come together, Tyler and I started thinking about some of the interior design elements that we wanted to add to the house. Well, first we needed to design our fireplace/back wall, since we will be framing it up next week. We wanted our fireplace to be fun and not ordinary, but also something that had the mid-century modern feel that we love so much. When thinking of  a design, we remembered a fireplace that we loved at some family friend’s ranch home. It was a corner fireplace with no glass surround, and made with the ledge stone that is on many of the homes built in the 50s. So we took that idea, and modified the design to work within our space. Our fireplace has become sort of a corner fireplace, but with the actual fire pit more towards the middle of the wall and a four foot bench for outdoor viewing, or for our lazy cats to watch the birds… Okay that may sound confusing, so how bout I just show you a picture of the design we came up with:

Screen Shot 2012-07-14 at 8.26.56 PM

And since a living room isn’t quite a living room anymore without a TV, we had to figure out how to have a TV without placing it over our fireplace, and without it being the focal point of the room. So we decided to have a projector screen, one we can raise up when not in use. It will come down over the window above the fireplace bench. The window is a north facing window, so we are counting on sunlight not being a problem with the screen, but if it is we can just put some window tint on the windows to limit its exposure.

Some other interior elements we are currently working on, is our kitchen and master bathroom. I think we have decided on the cabinets for our kitchen, but we are playing with a few setups for our kitchen layout. One of the options is just to have sort of a galley like kitchen, and the other is to make it a L shape kitchen with a smaller bar. We can’t quite decide. Some other things we need to pick out is our bathroom tile/vanity/sinks and so on. Lots of decisions need to be made, and these decisions make me nervous… because they are so permanent.

Some other house updates:

We hired family friend Matt Buller to assist in the house building, who is a long time carpenter. He is amazing and is going to be a tremendous help in getting us into our home quicker.


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