Anchors away

She’s been to China and back. Somewhere along the way, she spent some time in Honduras so 67,200 lbs of either coffee or bananas likely called her home first.  Our master bedroom wing has undoubtedly battled some rough seas in her former life as a China International Marine Container.

Oh, the stories that she could tell. Someone has hand-scawled “” on the inside. Every time that we give her a good look, we find another interesting life mark.  A ding. A rust bruise. Chinese letters faded on her side. We’ve decided to preserve a few of our favorites and use them as wall art.

We are working with Cisco Containers in Tulsa to obtain these steel building blocks that will become our home. We took possession of our first 40ft x 8ft container on Sept. 14. Our current plan is to get them one at a time as we need them for construction, but we’re flexible. We ordered a 20ft by 8ft unit to work as our on-site building material storage. It will later become our garage workshop/carport.


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