HGTV Container Homes

HELLOO? Anybody out there?

Well, its been over a year. I think I can officially say blogging may not be my calling. My husband and I do go back and forth often about why I should get back into it. So you never know I may surprise you.

Back to the meaning of this post. We have some EXCITING news, we are expecting. Oh, and our house will be feature on the new HGTV show Container Homes, this Sunday!

What, what?! 

I know this is way late notice, but I hope you can tune in. Just don’t make fun of us too much with our Oklahoma hick accents.

The show will air this Sunday at 12:30/11:30am Central Time, on HGTV. See ya then!


Here we are with the crew after 5 days of filming. And let me just say, we didn’t think we would make it here. We finished the project with no time to spare.


20 thoughts on “HGTV Container Homes

  1. Lauren Fite says:

    Hannah, Ron & I saw the show Sunday. We have bee discussing putting in container homes at our lake property. Would love to visit with you.


  2. Martha Combs says:

    Wow! I just found you! My husband and I are just about to start our container home in Lake Lure, NC. Hubby will be contractor and builder. I was planning to blog about the experience and looking for examples.


  3. Hi I hope this isn’t a duplicate comment. Lol it’s my first time blogging!
    Anyway, I love your home and style!! My husband and I have been thinking about doing this. We aren’t sure where to start with our “financial thinking”. I don’t want to be too personal here, but can you give us a ballpark beginning point of what we should be thinking?


  4. Shelby says:

    I love your house and style so much! We live in Dallas and have plans to sell our house soon to build our own container home. You’re blog has be so inspiring and full of helpful tips. Congrats on the new addition to your family and the show!


  5. Jessica says:

    I just found this blog me and my husband have been designing a container house and it’s pretty similar to yours. I was curious about how much it cost all together after you got done with it?


  6. Jessica Polasek says:

    Me and my husband was designing a shipping container home and it’s pretty similar to yours. I was wondering about how much did it cost you to build this? It turned out amazing!


  7. I came across this site while researching shipping container designs and had actually seen your guest home featured on HGTV. We are from the Owasso area and our plans are to establish a homestead in Maui, HI by reconfiguring/designing a shipping container. I love that you guys have put in all the blood, sweat and tears in creation of this home. My hubby is quite handy and we are excited to begin this endeavor. I have many questions to ask, if you have
    time to answer.


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