Mini Tour

And so the mini house tour begins.. and I mean mini.

The first room of the house is our entryway.

 Here is the view right when you open our front door.


The door you see, is to our mudroom, its an old office door my mother-in-law picked up in the past. It still needs a little love, but it looks fine in the meantime. The artwork on the left are Charley Harper calendar prints, I just cut them out and put them in some Ikea frames. (you just can’t beat cheap art)


I added this planter in the entryway to add some character, but also because I seem to have an obsession with plants, in particular succulents and cacti, they are literally everywhere.


 well I see there’s a deer hiding in there.


Still to do in this room:

Touch up paint

Paint wall/window trim

Give some love to the old door

And as a bonus, here is a quick shot of our deck

Ill do a proper tour of it soon enough.


Oh? What was that? You want to see some adorable animal photos? Well here you go..

remember miss Kitty? Here she is looking all grown up and stuff.


and here’s Norm, he just didn’t want me taking pictures of the house, only him.


okay, just one more. Here’s ol’ Gertie.  The goat with a million problems.


As soon as I conquer how to take pictures of a house with lots of natural light, Ill get back with you with the rest of the tour. In the meantime, I may just give you a tour of the goat house to tide you over. Thanks as always for checking it out.


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