Put a Cork in it.

The Bright Container House officially looks livable. As in, we have a working restroom, a laundry room, and an almost functioning kitchen. But due to inspections, we still can not reside there.

Our goal has been set for Christmas. Ready. Set. Go.

As you can probably tell by the title, this post is going to cover our cork floor installation. We chose cork tiles due to their ability to be cut to fit our coveted corrugated walls. But finding cork tiles was not as easy as you would think. Most local companies sell cork, but they are in planks, and they just wouldn’t work. So we found a company based out of Canada and purchased them from there. Our cork tiles were here within a week. But they set in storage for who knows how long. But once we were ready for them it went down pretty fast.

Step One: Apply glue.


Step Two: Lay all the field tiles that do not need to be cut.


Step Three: Cut tiles. With this nifty tool, it wasn’t too hard.

Bright container house

Step Four: Finish the Step and stain it.




Step Five: Tape off the metal walls so they don’t get clear coat on them.


Final Step: Apply four coats of sealant.


Repeat all steps for the master bedroom and closet.

Here are some after pictures:


Mudroom: Still to do– Our vintage metal cabinets still need to be painted and installed and the interior doors are currently being stained.


Master Bedroom: Still to do- install and paint window trim and baseboards.


Master Closet: Still to do- Finish installing the shelves, and install and paint baseboards.



Next Post will include: Kitchen backsplash, bathroom mirrors and lights, and a more complete kitchen. So check back!


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