To the Windows to the Walls

I know it has been a long time since I posted anything about the house, so I will do a quick run through of our recent progress.

The windows were installed on the bottom story:


Here is a picture looking out from our dining room:


House wrap was installed over the wafer board to prepare for the siding and stone:


After the house wrap, lathe and mud were then applied where the stone will be placed. Here is a picture showing the different layers:


Here is Tyler mixing and applying the mud:




Oh, I almost forgot…. Our fireplace came in and was framed out, creating storage to the right of the fireplace and our bench to the left.


The stone installation has also been moving right along, here is a picture of the most recent progress:


Now picture this awesome stone with this siding:


So there is a quick run down of the Bright Container House progress as of today. The next step is the roof installation, which it will arrive tomorrow morning, and the installation will start on Monday!


One thought on “To the Windows to the Walls

  1. Chadwick Kyle says:

    I just love your house. Did you have someone do the designs for you? If so could you refer me to them or atleast the plans to this house. i know that may be asking a lot but I have a small lot and big ideas. You nailed your design and


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